Test your parking skills with huge trucks.

Drive through hard mountain roads.

Fully physics based gameplay.

Limited view from the drivers seat in hard mode.

Compete in the online high score and see replays.

Design your own levels and share them

Hundreds of levels

Drift with powerful rally cars.

Version: 2.35
play for free!
Requirements: Windows, 2Gz CPU, 2GB RAM 


to unlock all extra features described below

How to play?


 - Up, Down to drive backwards or forward, space to brake

 - CTRL = hand brake (only on some vehicle)

 -  Left,Right = steer (speed dependent)

 - F = horn (use it to activate some hydraulic presses, but some are automatic)

To figure out, how to complete a level, click on [demo] or watch [replays] at the high score table. Hold the key 9 to speed up the replay.

Camera controls:

Turn the camera with ADWS, zoom in and out with EQ.

Switch to fixed angle camera with F8.

In hard mode your view is limited to the driver's seat.
Use F1-F6 to change view. Hit Enter to switch back to the previous mode.

hint: press BackSpace to go back to  last checkpoint.

play it on your
iPhone or iPad

  iOS gameplay video here

                                             Features: physics games,rally,truck race,racing game,big rig,park truck,3D,archee





hard mountain roads


level editor

user made levels online

online high scores with replays

limited view from drivers seat
for pro


vehicle choice:



hanging bridges

dropping off cargo

putting on cargo

4x4 cliff crawling

crazy drifting on racetracks

other complex mechanics such as elevators

horn activated mechanics

breaking apart stuff as checkpoints

Chase down AI truck

BackSpace (undo) after breaking a PCB



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