Tricky Truck Editor

Moving the camera:

Turning the camera: Arrow keys.
Moving the camera: ASDW
Speed up: hold CTRL while using ASDW

You can move, rotate, scale objects with left mouse click, after selecting a mode. If the object is selected, all selected objects will move along.

Keyboard commands: defined on the screen inside ( )

You can add waypoints, and use a few slider to adjust the road.

Some hints to make the level look good in the game:
 -Dont release levels, where a red marker shows, that object has been duplicated.
 -Make sure, there is not too much overlapping in your levels.  (a bad example is MHC remix )
 -Dont use too long PCB blocks or walls, use many small ones instead.
 -Release the level again after you have seen the unwanted shortcuts made.
 -To receive feedback on your level design, please join the forums under the same name as you appear in the game.

Quality control: Bad quality levels will be removed from the game. Here is some hints:
 - Do not exhibits bugs of the game. This includes turning objects inside out, driving on top of  many times duplicated objects, etc.
 - Do not drop huge objects from very high.
 - Modding the default truck is usually a minus. Its only allowed, if the result is cool.
 - Simple levels, which are too easy to complete,  with no creativity will be removed after receiving bad rating.

Tutorial video here:

Thanks for all contributions!


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