27.05.2011. This page is not updated too often. Please refer to the forum for news. Especially the end of this thread:

A lot of bugfix has been made. skybox added, and you can maintain a list of favorit levels.


25.02.2011. VERSION 1.998: Some levels now contain an extra truck, which is AI driven and is involved in the mission. Physics has been improved. High score board and replays are not deleted, they can be replayed using the old physics. The editor now requires that enough space is left for bigger trucks at the starting position.

12.01.2011. The player NAD451 made a wonderful retoushed screenshot.

02.01.2011. Version 1.997: bug fixes, improved dynamics for pickup cabrio. Memory usage decreased. You can now backspace after breaking PCB, if you are a premium member.

10.12.2010. The time has come to end the beta period . Thanks to everyone for testing. In the future a paid subscription will be required to unlock some of the features. This is not unusual in the game indnustry nor in cinemas. However feel free to continue playing the basic, free part of the game, if you decide not to buy.

09.12.2010. Version 1.9964: minor fixes

08.12.2010. releases a reproduction of a real traffic accident caught on tape in Britain, where a car was pushed sideways down the highway at high speed. The TV show, Galileo has reproduced the accident with real vehicles, here comes Tricky Truck's experience. (the extra truck is not available in the released game)

06.12.2010. Version 1.9961: Some people may have had crashes on load, should be fixed now.

05.12.2010. Version 1.996: More bug fixes. Now it seems, this is final update for a long time.

03.12.2010. Version 1.9952: A bug, that causes "Replay Mismatch" has been fixed. Please update, so that people can see your replays correctly.

03.12.2010. Version 1.9951: Bug fixes.

03.12.2010. Version 1.995: Tricky Truck takes care of poor people: memory usage decreased by 50%, and almost all old video cards are supported now with an extra option of no shadows. Nevertheless, it works on your office computer. Bigger levels are allowed now.

30.11.2010. Version 1.994: Improved vehicles, improved camera motion (still not perfect), fixed physics bugs.

27.11.2010. Version 1.993: Most bugs seem to be gone now. Camera works and menu have been improved. Now you can click on images in the menu to make it easier for drunken players.You should update.

24.11.2010. Version 1.9921: Sorry I have to ask you to update the clients again, bugs fixed (the download only changed right now)

24.11.2010. More bugs: The server crashes sometimes, and the collision of the wheels still goes wrong sometimes.

24.11.2010. Version 1.991: Bugs fixed:
 - wheels fall through stuff, including the parking lot, and not get counted.
 - the completers counter percentage
 - the high score line count is now shown
 - the rating system wasnt working
 - the suspension of the new vehicles are now better tuned
 - the joints connecting a pneumatic servo bugged, and the inertia tensor wasnt correctly calculated for some connected objects.
 - joints were not rendered in some case.
 - the subtract geometry in the editor was buggy, and left some parts in the air.
 - and more.

24.11.2010. Bugs: There are quite many bugs in the game, there will be a complete update within a few days. The new vehicles will undergo a tuning to make them more stable, and more fun to drive.

Becoming commercial: Dont worry! The basic features will be usable for free. Besides there will be along free beta period.
Only the following have to be unlocked by a subscription:
 - extra vehicles
 - joints (hanging bridges, doors, moving platforms, carts, etc)
 - pneumatic servos and their trigger zones
 - cargo, that must be dropped in a certain place
 - yellow cargo, that must be delivered.

23.10.2010. Server bug: not possible to go online now. Will be fixed soon.

23.11.2010. Version 1.99: Inlcuding a lot of new features. Hopefully not too many bugs are in there. (fixed a lot these days) Please report bugs in the forum or in email!

16.11.2010. Preview video: one more extra vehicle:


15.11.2010. Preview video: of one of the extra vehicles that can be chosen in the next release.

14.11.2010. Corrections: The parking lots will NOT be scaled automaticly. Make it two times longer until the next release is out.

14.11.2010. The high score server is down due to technical failure at hosting. I think it gets repaired by tomorrow.

13.11.2010. Nice trailer by Henke:

12.11.2010. Preview: Unfinished vehicles prototype test running on CityMountain 1.3.   There will be a choice of many vehicles.
Level Designers! Its recommended to leave enough space at the starting position behind the default truck. The parking lots will be ********** **** in case the player wants to try your level with a bigger vehicle. Some levels may still be impossible with some vehicles, thats ok.


03.11.2010. Bug: The push/pull feature can crash if you use it after scaling or subtracting. Please save levels often, if you are using that feature.

30.10.2010. Levels deleted: Levels that cannot be completed due to the change in the game are deleted from the system. Makers are welcome to reupload a fixed version.

30.10.2010. Version 1.70: The new truck is released.   in the forum if you like it more than the old one!
Some levels are unfortuntelly not playable in the new version. The bad news: The new level features, displayed in a preview: green, yellow and pink stuff are not included in this release. Loads of bugs fixed.

28.10.2010. Preview of next release:             18 wheels of big American steel xD


 - The default truck will be the American big rig. It needs much more space to maneuver or park due to the distance between its wheels, but on the other hand, its much easier to drive it downhill. The suspension and steering characteristics are also better tuned. It no longer feels turning to random directions,  will be much easier for beginners.

 - The truck will no longer survive big impacts. No more jumping down to make short-cuts, its not airplane. Small jumps are ok (like on default level overpass), but must land gently.

Level designers, please keep in mind the above when you create new levels. Some small modifications may be needed  to some levels. Thanks.


19.10.2010. Bug! When a level uses many objects, close to the limit of 256, collision detection bugs start to appear. Like on the level A8 race track. Level designers, please use less objects until the next version is released.

17.10.2010. A preview showing some features of the next release: Level designers can already plan what they are going to do with the new features.
This includes more materials, merging objects, checkpoint feature, players activates pneumatics by horn.(the model for the cart is designed inside the level editor)


15.10.2010. The forum database has been lost. Please register again, when the forum is back.

13.10.2010. A short preview from the next release:

08.10.2010. Forum has been installed. You can now talk to other players.

07.10.2010. Version 1.62: Huge memory leaks and crashings have been fixed.  On the server side a bug has been fixed, which caused crashes in the client while downloading a lot of new levels. You dont have to update, but its strongly recommended (You can still see a huge use of memory, but thats on porpuse, it stores the last few levels, you play, so next time it loads faster. The backup (backspace) is also stored in an inefficient way.  On the server side, the send command sometimes sends only the first half of the buffer, and the other half has to be stored and sent later.)

07.10.2010. There is a problem in the network protocol for updating levels - working on it. And there was a memory leaking issue, which will be fixed in the next release.

06.10.2010. Version 1.61: Bug fixes.

04.10.2010. Version 1.60!
 - Vehicle dynamics improved :the front part is now longer, and the suspension between the parts has been changed. Seems to be much more controllable. (just like in the car industry, the newest cars are just a bit longer, than their precedors (eg Jetta, Corolla,Focus), which improves handling and grip:) )
 - You can hold down the key 9 to accelerate replays
 - A collision detection  bug has been fixed, which caused the truck to bounce off the road at high speed.(noticable on High Speed Bowl)
 - Thumbnails make it easier to select a level
 - Faster loading of levels
 - The timing method has been changed, it should run smoother on most computers.
 - The Alpinism level has been mirrored to allow the driver in hard mode to look at the edge of the road. (this is why on most dangerous mountainroad you have to keep to the left, while normally to the right(Americas))

29.09.2010. Version 1.51: a few bugs have been fixed. A tutorial video is released over how to use the level editor. This is helpful for those, who have'nt used similar software so far.

28.09.2010. Version 1.50:Levels can now be shared online. I hope to see many. Your levels wont be lost in the future, like replays do, even if the game changes. You should keep a local copy of your levels, only to adjust to differently sized vehicles in the future, when they come in use.

25.09.2010. Major physics problems found: many of the formulas were wrong in the physics engine. This includes the integrals used for calculating the moments of inertia tensor of a polygon-mesh and an ellipsoid. Using some formulas from wikipedia helped to test and fix the calculations, and Im happy to see, that the dynamics of the truck will became realistic finally in the next release. At the same time, it becomes easier for beginners, and more fun for hardcore players.
50% of cargo will be required to stay on. This is bad news for those, who jump down on roads like the one in the challenge Alpinism.

23.09.2010. The physics solver was optimized today, and will only appear in the next release. Uses much less CPU while steering became more accurate.
Dont forget to save the levels, if you happen to make some, because there will be a way to share it with the public and see other people complete your levels. The compression is also done already. (eg. all default levels take less than 3KB disk/network)

21.09.2010. Here is a hint on : how to use the editor

20.09.2010. Version 1.4: A beta level editor is added along with one more challenge. High scores are now only based on last 7 days activity. Installer added as well.

06.09.2010. A level editor will be released soonuser-made challenges will be shared online. This means, you will get an immense amount of new challenges all the time.

Additional vehicles may come in another release later. Check back sometimes. The game will ask you to update.


16.08.2010.  Version 1.31 is out! Major physics bugs have been fixed today.No more explosions when driving over cracked objects (at least not so often). Unfortunately, whenever the physics is changed, replays and high scores are erased. The "overpass" challenge changed, one more challenge added, where you can always further improve your score. . (There was a mistake in the code for the  collision detection between an ellipsoid and a mesh. In the case when the ellipsoid is rolling on the middle of a polygon, the normal vector of the polygon was incorrectly transformed into the ellipsoids local coordinate system, where itself is a sphere. Then the friciton code rewritten, while a workaround was added for instable physics, by detecting an eventual increase in kinetic energy during processing of collisions)

12.08.2010.   Version 1.3 is out! Challenge 9 is added. Most other challenges changed. Truck dynamics improved.   Loads of bugs fixed. You have to have the newest version to see high scores.

13.08.2010.  The cheaters wont get away in the next release.:)

13.08.2010.  Ouch my nose! The nose of the vehicle is redesigned, and the suspension is tightened to make driving easier and more fun. This will be in the next release soon. Other challenges are coming soon.

12.08.2010.   The visual quality in low detail mode has been imporved. Also the high score server is sometimes down, I might move it to another host. At the moment, its running on a temporary server.

11.08.2010.  High Scores list got scrollbar. Im happy to see, that all 500 slots are filled for most challenges. You can also see the online status and country of players in the highscore list. Filename still unchanged.

10.08.2010.  Bugs fixed,  including possible crashes. Version number and filename unchanged, because at the moment too many links point to this file. If you had crashes, try downloading agian. If you still get crashes, I might be happy to receive the file assert.dat and a description of how to reproduce it. Thanks.

08.8.2010. It took first place at the Assembly 2010 gamdev contest in Helsinki, Finland! Thanks for all the support!  If you like to play, please  check back a couple of months later to get updates. Currently my bug list and feature list is quite long.

07.8.2010. While attending to Assembly 2010 event, some random people helped to fix the crashing high score server. (from now it may only crash on other bugs)

04.8.2010. Online high scores added. Just give yourself a name before you play, and click on [highscores] to see the list and to view how other people have completed the missions. If the [highscore] button doesnt appear, that means the server is offline, sorry.

04.8.2010. One day before Assembly starts, testing the high score system. Thanks for testing.

30.7.2010. Version 1.11 released. Bug fixes. Download version 1.11

28.7.2010: Version 1.10 released.

  New features:

 - an extreme difficult extra challenge added.  You have to drive downhill.

 - restore point feature added. (press backspace to go back some seconds) (Just copying a piece of memory including the pointers, but it works fine)

 - new camera mode: press F8 to have fixed angle camera. This is useful especially on the last challenge.

 - now  you can watch yourself playing by clicking on [replay]

 - you can control the camera during a replay. (then replay it with the updated camera work)


27.7.2010: Welcome to the homepage. The game has just been released on the Assembly 2010 contest website. More challenges and features will soon be available, and made downloadable here.Feedbacks are welcome. ( peterdutch (at) )


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