Goofball Goals Soccer game
Goofball Goals Soccer Simulator

Download for free Version 1.15.3
Requirements: 2GHz dual-core CPU, DX9 graphics, Windows
download from mirror


BUY the full game for $6.00
Requires constant internet connection.
Same license code maximally on 3 computers.

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Why buy?

- remove the one minute game time limit.
- run scenes including characters in the 3D editor.
- set the team size, field size, and other parameters
- play soccer in a custom made environment
- support the developer in bringing more physics games to the public.

What is this crazyness?

Goofball Goals is a very happy soccer game with fully physically based character animation using interactive alive ragdolls in a destructible environment.
In the click ass mini game you get to throw balls at alive humans to punish them.
The Windows version includes multi-player over LAN or Internet, and a 3D level editor to play around with the characters.
Share this game to all your friends and enemies.
Record your best moments and upload them to Youtube.

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