TT Console Game
I have been thinking for a long time it would be fun to make TT into a console game that could be taken to various places, such as Burning Man or gaming conventions, so it's like you're sitting in a truck (you could make it out of a real truck cab) with a big screen for windshield, and sensors in the gas and brake pedals and steering wheel to give you controls that feel and work as you expect, and even put the rear view mirror screens in the side rear view mirrors (can you actually drive three screens at once with TT)? You could mod shifter and turn signal shafts to be controllers for the console like which game you are going to play and which truck to play.

I think the steering might need some kind of intelligent mapping from angle of turn into frequency of tapping the steering keys on a keyboard.
Sounds fun! Also, cool idea! (Btw you're really good at TT.)
(04-19-2018, 01:00 AM)Awesomeperson Wrote: Sounds fun! Also, cool idea! (Btw you're really good at TT.)

I was the WORST player on TT when I started. For almost a year, I was so bad that I was ALWAYS last even when I thought I had done well, and I even sometimes intentionallly would do outrageously slow times on the 10-wheeler free truck just to retain my dead-last position.

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