[Modding Tool] TT:R Manager (TT Mod Installer)(Released)
Hello again, ToxicHax here! (TT IGN: NitroTrucker) aka Haxman2 in the old forums.

Today I come to you with a release of my patching program used to install Mods onto Tricky Truck.

Tricky Truck has been out for a long time, and it was about time that we introduce some mods to it
So I made...

TT: Remastered Manager

It's a Mod Manager tool and Server Manager tool, by creating mods through assembly code, and saving them in the .ttr patch format, we can patch / mods Tricky Truck.
This tool takes care of the behind the scenes patching, meaning it takes a mod (aka patch) file and applies it to a seperate installation of TT called TT:Remastered. (The original tricky truck files stay untouched.)

This tool is part of my TT:Remastered Modding Project, TT:R patch files are included with this Mod Manager and installed by default (they can be disabled through the Mod Manager)
More Info about the TT:R mod here: http://www.gravitysensation.com/forum/sh....php?tid=3

What is the Server Manager?

Currently the server system is under development and is still disabled for the release.
The Server Manager / Server Control is part of TT:R which will allow you to run a local server, and once you apply the "Offline Server" patch, your TT:R will connect to your own server, by default meaning there won't be any levels, all tabs (default, newest, best rated...etc) will be empty and there will be no replays.
However there will be options to make it a relay server, which means your TT:R connects to the local server which connects to the TT server, so it can mirror all the data it sends / gets sent.
This allows you to pull levels, and infact in theory there could be a feature where you could download all the levels and replays and store them offline.
Then disable the relay option, and enable local database option, which means you can fully play TT offline, premium mode will still require a license, even offline.

Whats the point of running your own TT server?

Its useful if there's any gameplay changing mods, as those aren't allowed on the default TT server because they would cause replays to be broken, or levels to be broken, thus crashing any TT player that tries to play modded content.
Also in theory I could run my own TT:R server (that allows gameplay changing mods) and then release a Mod to let your TT:R connect to it, just an idea...

Where can I get mods?

Currently I'll be the only one making any mods as it is a complicated process, any mods I make will be uploaded here to the forums, in a seperate thread where I'll post all mods I make, will post the link here soon:

What kind of mods will there be?

The mods for the TT:R project will mostly be based around improving Tricky Truck overall
Some features, like cleaner UI, more level editor features, 
access to hidden 'features' like the "deleted" tabs, which allows you to play ALL deleted levels ever posted. 
(which mostly means access to some really bad levels)

There can be mods that change the gameplay of TT, maybe more materials to build with, maybe more vehicles. There are lots of possibilities.

And most importantly, something similar is in the works for Tricky Race...
TT:R will have a future update which will support Tricky Race and will unlock the level editor in it as well as let you run a custom server...
which means, custom Tricky Race levels with the Quatro and the Default Trailer... that could be fun Big Grin

Anyways, here's the download...
Download TT:Remastered Manager:

VirusTotal Scan:

To install, unzip TTRemasteredManager.zip and run TTRemasteredManager.exe

If you have any problems, please do let me know and I'll fix it for the next release.
Any questions? make sure to leave a reply! Big Grin

[Image: 8QqAqfo.png]
hey there
thanks for your mods i really enjoy using them
but i have an issue with TT:R which is (file directory name invalid)
i tried putting truck.exe and its components to different locations but it didnt work
do you have a solution for that? Sad
That sounds interesting, but have not heard of "tricky race". I found a youtube video about it but the URL gravitysensation/trickyrace appears to be invalid.
I managed to get the zip file for Tricky Race. http://www.gravitysensation.com/trickyra...kyrace.zip[/url][url=http://www.gravitysensation.com/trickyrace/]

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