Can't connect to server
Hi, For about a week the game won't load the licence key
When I click "Play game" it says "Unable to connect to highscore server",

Uninstalled and reinstalled but no luck,

Not sure if anyone's aware hence my post  Smile

[Image: RVPDy30.png]
I am facing the same problem, and no way to solve it.
Hi !
Is there anybody in the place?
I am yevince. I get the permenent licence key.
3 weeks ago, a problem occurred, and I cannot access the game anymore.
I deinstalled & reinstalled many times, without a solution.
I always face the same page telling: Connecting to servers.
I could see I am not the only one who face this problem, on the forum. But no answer, & no solution.
Can you help us.
Hey, I haven't had this problem yet but maybe it doesn't happen on the demo??
tricky trucking
Hah. I've been trying, for like two or three years now, to get some kind of support. I suggest you guys just give up. It seems like this game which we love is, sadly, completely abandoned.
I'm always messaging Archee, with absolutely zero response.
When I launch the game it doesn't say I've purchased it unless I close and restart the launcher a few times.

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