Whenever i click on the "newest levels" and "show previews", my game crashes.  Sad

Actually, i cant play new levels AT ALL. Just tried to. Right after i select one of the levels, the game crashes.
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it ?, I've had various issues with TT and usually uninstalling and reinstalling fixes it (unless it's server related then it doesn't)
I did, many times.
I noticed some things: I can play the Default Levels, all good.... But when i go to the "Newest Levels", merely clicking the "Show Preview" will make the game Freeze and collapse. SOMETIMES i can sucessfully click on "show preview", the Levels preview will "show up" (actually, just a bunch of gray squares). When i click on the first one, boom - frozen and collapsed.

I had a little bit of success. I clicked on page twenty-something and selected a random level - AND COULD PLAY IT. (Not even daring to click "show preview".)
I then quit the level and tried another one... and froze... and crashed.

Sigh... First, my long lost activation code, for which i had no support in years. Then, this. It's just sad.... This game is one of my favorites, i played it for hours and hours for years since... I dont know, 2009? It really sucks...

And i have a very good and capable computer.

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