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[Mod] Tricky Truck: Remastered (Modding Project)
Hello, I'm ToxicHax, aka NitroTrucker (Haxman2 on the old forums)
some of you might remember me from my level modding tools for Tricky Truck (which I'll re-upload soon)

However today I'm showcasing a mod I'm working on, called:  Tricky Truck: Remastered

Download link at the bottom

What is Tricky Truck: Remastered and what does it do?
TT:R is a mod that changes the look, tweaks the gameplay and adds new features to tricky truck.

TT:R doesn't technically run on TT's official servers, but rather on a custom server that I'm currently developing.
This custom server will also act as a relay server that relays and pulls info to the official TT servers, example: levels, level uploads, replays...etc

(if there's any gameplay changes, replays won't be compatible and will only be pulled / saved on the custom server)

The level editor will get an upgrade and the levels will still be compatible with TT and will still be uploaded to TT's official servers

Note: There will be a seperate version that is fully compatible with TT and will run strictly on TT's official servers

What changes will TT:R include?
- Improved visuals (more info below)
- Editor Features (more info below)
- Offline mode (requires you to run your own local tt:r server)
- and more...

More info about the features:

The menus and UI will look slightly cleaner
and you'll have access to a hidden tab (aka play deleted levels)

The level editor will get some limits removed, like the truck not being very editable, and the wheels (you'll be able to resize them)
if you have a $ features, you'll be able to add up to 3 AI trucks.
The default level editor layout will change, to something more usable, allowing you to create levels easier...

What's the current progress?

I have a very early version of a custom server coded, as well as I have started with the UI and menu clean up

Here's a screenshot:
[Image: zRhSGST.png]

More info to come soon, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Big Grin

Download in this thread:

Note: This is a mod and is not affiliated with the official development of Tricky Truck, and thus will not distribute any TT content directly.

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