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Can't connect to server - Dave2009 - 09-20-2019

Hi, For about a week the game won't load the licence key
When I click "Play game" it says "Unable to connect to highscore server",

Uninstalled and reinstalled but no luck,

Not sure if anyone's aware hence my post  Smile

[Image: RVPDy30.png]

RE: Can't connect to server - yevince - 09-22-2019

I am facing the same problem, and no way to solve it.

RE: Can't connect to server - yevince - 09-25-2019

Hi !
Is there anybody in the place?
I am yevince. I get the permenent licence key.
3 weeks ago, a problem occurred, and I cannot access the game anymore.
I deinstalled & reinstalled many times, without a solution.
I always face the same page telling: Connecting to servers.
I could see I am not the only one who face this problem, on the forum. But no answer, & no solution.
Can you help us.