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Help - HelpMeArchee - 11-22-2018

Whenever i click on the "newest levels" and "show previews", my game crashes.  Sad

Actually, i cant play new levels AT ALL. Just tried to. Right after i select one of the levels, the game crashes.

RE: Help - Dave2009 - 02-07-2019

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it ?, I've had various issues with TT and usually uninstalling and reinstalling fixes it (unless it's server related then it doesn't)

RE: Help - HelpMeArchee - 09-11-2019

I did, many times.
I noticed some things: I can play the Default Levels, all good.... But when i go to the "Newest Levels", merely clicking the "Show Preview" will make the game Freeze and collapse. SOMETIMES i can sucessfully click on "show preview", the Levels preview will "show up" (actually, just a bunch of gray squares). When i click on the first one, boom - frozen and collapsed.

I had a little bit of success. I clicked on page twenty-something and selected a random level - AND COULD PLAY IT. (Not even daring to click "show preview".)
I then quit the level and tried another one... and froze... and crashed.

Sigh... First, my long lost activation code, for which i had no support in years. Then, this. It's just sad.... This game is one of my favorites, i played it for hours and hours for years since... I dont know, 2009? It really sucks...

And i have a very good and capable computer.