Full Version: [Modding Tool] TT Level Modder v0.8
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Hello again, its me! ToxicHax! aka NitroTrucker aka Haxman2

This time I bring you a re-upload of something I created a few years ago for TT called the TT Level Modder.
Its exactly what it sounds like, its a tool to mod .trk files.

This tool allows you to do some fun things, like merge objects with the truck
You can also change materials of almost all objects (you want a truck made out of cargo? go for it.) (also since they are materials they act as what they look like)
Here's an idea, you could add an AI truck, turn its bed / trailer into the parking lot material, and then you have to chase em down, jump onto the trailer and park on it, just an idea. heh

Or maybe you've wanted to resize the wheels of the truck, thats possible too and gives funny results.
You could add 5 AI trucks, theres no limit like in the TT editor (however I'd suggest staying under 5 ai trucks max due to performance issues heh)

All $$$ features require a license, however those with a license don't need to enable $$$ in a level to use these features.

Enjoy! Big Grin


Virus Total Scan: (Note: for some reason one of the scans shows 1 positive, its a false positive but please do scan it with your own anti-virus)

[Image: n9HaoNx.png]
[Image: 34Gofbz.png]